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Tap Menu then New Recipe to add a new recipe.

Adding a recipe


Basic Details

The name is the only required field. If available, the number of servings should be entered as this allows the recipe to be scaled.


Recipes can be categorized to make finding them easier. Categories for a recipe can be selected by clicking the pencil when adding a recipe or selecting Edit Categories from the menu. Add a new category by entering it's name in the textbox at the top of the form, then click the Add button to add it. Additional categories can be selected by checking them.

Choosing categories


Ingredients can be entered on the Ingredients tab.

Adding an ingredient

Adding Ingredients

Select Add Ingredient from the menu. The only required field is the item name.

Removing Ingredients

Tap and hold an ingredient then select Delete to delete it from the ingredients list.


To add a snapshot, tap Menu->Add Snapshot. If your device has a cammera, you will be able to take a snapshot and enter a caption using the dialog. To delete a snapshot, first go to edit the recipe, then tap and hold over a snapshot and select Delete.



Select an icon by clicking the Icon tab.

Selecting an Icon

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