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From the recipes list, tap Add in the navigation bar to add recipe. Recipes can be deleted either by the either usual swiping with gesture over an item or by tapping the lock in the navigation bar.

The Recipes List

The tabs along the top can be used to switch between the different sections.


Basic Details

Fill out the basic recipe details. If available, the number of servings should be entered as this allows the recipe to be scaled.


Recipes can be categorized to make finding them easier. Categories for a recipe can be selected on the button next to the current categories, then checking each category. Add a new category by tapping the add icon in the toolbar.

Editing a recipe
Choosing categories
Tap the blue button next to the current lost of categories to edit categories for a recipe Tap a photo in the list to edit it's caption


Recipes are split into sections. To add a section, tap Add Section at the bottom of the list of ingredients. To move ingredients between sections, first tap Reorder then drag using the handle on the right hand edge of each ingredient.

The only required field for ingredients is the item name. Swipe over or tap delete on an ingredient to delete it from the list.

Adding an ingredient
Deleting an ingredient
Tap Add Ingredient at the bottom of the list to add a new ingredient Swipe or tap the delete icon to the left to delete an ingredient


Add snapshots by tapping Add Snapshot at the bottom of the snapshot list. Choose an item from your media library or take a new photo. Add a caption by tapping a snapshot in the list.

To delete a snapshot, first go to edit the recipe, then tap Delete over the snapshot.

Adding snapshots
Editing a caption
Tap Add Snapshot at the bottom of the list to add a new photo Tap a photo in the list to edit it's caption


Select an icon by tapping the Icon tab.


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