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Click New Wine in the toolbar to add a wine.


Basic Details

Adding a Wine
The name is the only required field. All other fields are displayed on the Wine Summary when viewing a wine.


Photographs of a wine, such as bottle label can be added on the Snapshots tab. To add a new snapshot, enter the name of the file or select it by clicking browse. You can also drag images to the main window, which will show a prompt to add the dragged files to the selected wine or create a new wine. The Caption is text displayed underneath the image. . To mark an image as a bottle label, right click it then select . This will cause the label to displayed when viewing the wine summary.

Snapshots are shown when hovering over a recipe or wine

To delete a snapshot, right click it then select Delete.


Wines and recipes can be categorized to make finding them easier. A list of existing categories can be assigned or a new category can be added by typing a name, then clicking the Add button.

Adding a category

Items can be filtered by category using the list on the left hand side of the window. To rename a category, click Wine->Categories to manage all categories, or right click a category in the left hand list and select Rename.


Suppliers for a wine can be added on the Suppliers tab. This enables suppliers for a wine to be found when viewing it.

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To choose an icon for a recipe, click the Icon tab. The icon will appear in the recipe list.

Goes Well With

ChickenPing can store combinations of dishes or wines which go well with each other. To pair two recipes, select the Goes Well With tab, then click Add Pairing to open the recipe editor window. Double click a recipe or click Add Pairing to create a pairing.

The quick search box at the top of the form can be used to quickly filter or search for recipes/wines. Double click a pairing to go to that recipe/wine. To remove a pairing, right click it, then select Delete.

Recipe/wine pairings

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key Action
Ctrl + S Save and close
Ctrl + O Browse for snapshot
Ctrl + 1 Jump to 'Recipe Information' tab
Ctrl + 2 Jump to 'Ingredients' tab
Ctrl + 3 Jump to 'Directions' tab
Ctrl + 4 Jump to 'Snapshots' tab
Ctrl + 5 Jump to 'Icon' tab
Ctrl + 6 Jump to 'Goes Well With' tab
F1 Open ChickenPing help
Alt + F4 Close window/cancel

Sharing and Downloading

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