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To add an account, click either the Add button in the toolbar or select File->Add Account from the menus.

Add button

The account name (i) must be unique and is the only compulsory field. When selecting a type for a new account (ii), the fields set up for that type will be automatically added.

An icon will be displayed for this account and can be selected using the selection box at the bottom of the dialog.

Add dialog

Extra fields can be added to an account by clicking Add Field (iv), and existing fields can be renamed or removed by using the drop down menu next to each label. (iii).

When all fields have been entered, save the account by clicking Save (v).

Obfuscating a Field

To mark a field as a password, select Mark as Password from the drop down menu. The corresponding text box will turn red to indicate that the field will be replaced with ****** when viewing the account. When a field is marked as a password, a strength indicator will be shown to provide a summary of the password strength. Clicking the Generate button will open the password generator to generate a new password.

Marking as a Phone Number / URL

Fields can also be marked as phone numbers, which will allow the number to be dialed from LockCrypt a mobile device. An indicator is shown (vi,vii) to shown whether an item is marked as a phone number or obfuscated.

If a field is marked as a URL, it will be displayed as a hyperlink and clicking it in Account View will open it in the default web browser.

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