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This section explains how to change the encryption password and change other program options.



Minimize to Tray

LockCrypt can be set to minimize to the system tray area (next to the clock on Windows) instead of minimizing to the taskbar. This option can be disabled, and is located in the Options dialog, under the Appearance section.

Changing the encryption password

From the options dialog, select the Preferences tab. From here, you can set a new password to use when encrypting the database. It is important to remember this password as it CANNOT be recovered.


LockCrypt can automatically re-lock after a specified length of inactivity. Select Tools->Options->Preferences to configure auto-lock. The minimum delay is 10 seconds.

MySQL Mode

LockCrypt supports MySQL as well as text file databases. With MySQL, the same database is used regardless of location. This is recommended if you need to access your accounts database from more than one location (work and home for example).

To use MySQL you will need to create a user and a new database for LockCrypt. Open the options dialog box by clicking Options on the toolbar, then enter the MySQL connection details.

MySQL Configuration

Using an External / Portable Database

LockCrypt will try to open the database from the location set in the Options dialog. To open a different file, specify it as a parameter when launching LockCrypt.exe or LockCrypt.jar. The absolute path to the file must be specified, it is not possible to specify just a filename.

For Example

C:\Program Files\LockCrypt\LockCrypt.exe will start LockCrypt and open the default database or prompt you to create a new one if it doesn't exist.

C:\Program Files\LockCrypt\LockCrypt.exe F:\database.lce will start LockCrypt and open file F:\database.lce, which could be on a portable drive.

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