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To enable or disable AutoLaunch on startup, click Tools->Enable AutoLaunch. LaunchMeNot will try to launch all enabled entries on startup. AutoLaunch can be stopped by clicking Abort or pressing any key.

It may be necessary to prevent users from aborting or cancelling the launch process (to start required services etc). Uncheck Allow aborting of AutoLaunch by going to Tools->Options. By default, the launch window closes after launching applications, but this can also be changed in Options.

AutoLaunch Window

AutoLaunch Log

To write a log file every time AutoLaunch is used, check Write AutoLaunch log, in Options. The log path can either be absolute (eg: C:\Windows\autolaunch.log) or relative using the %APPDIR% variable (eg: %APPDIR\autolaunch.log), which will be resolved to the application directory.

LaunchMeNot user guide contents

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