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To translate an application automatically, click Resources then Automatic Translation.

Automatic Translation

The source language and destination languages for the translation can be selected from languages which have been added to the application. The Treat As listboxes should be set to the languages which the source and destination languages contain, they are used by Google to perform the translation. Only languages listed in the Treat As box are supported by Google, and if a language is supported it should be automatically selected when selecting a source language in the application from the Source Language box. For a full list of supported languages, see the Google API documentation.

If the Show translated text during translation box is checked, the translation will be shown in the log.

Automatic Translation Log

Automatic translation uses Google's free-to-use Translation Service. Machine translation is not as reliable as human translation as it does not account for the context a phrase is used in.

The Automatic Translations window lets you translate resources in bulk, but individual resources can also be translated when editing using the Translate button.

Automatic translation is powered by Google Translate.

Powered By Google Translate

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