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iZeit can be easily integrated into a blog or other PHP page. First install the script, then go to The code will be generated and displayed in a text box for you to copy and paste into your page. You can either use iZeit as a static calendar, or with navigation buttons so a user can move to the next or previous month. This is done using AJAX, so the page doesn't need to be refreshed.

By default, the current month is displayed, but this can be changed by calling the script using the month number and year. For example: get_month('nav',8,2006); would display a calendar for August 2006 with navigation buttons, whereas get_month('none',4,2007); would display April 2007 without navigation buttons. The current month is shown by calling the function without any parameters - get_month();.

iZeit complies with the XHTML Transitional specification. In order to display special characters (ä, á, ß, ü, ö, í etc) properly, you may need to set the encoding type of your page to UTF-8 when using mini mode. This can be done by including the following META tag in the head section:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

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