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Calendar Views

Events can be shown by day, week, month or year.

Day and Week View

To add an event in day or week view, double click on a blank area. The starting date for the event will automatically be set to the time where the mouse was clicked. Events can be edited in day or week view by double clicking an event, or right clicking and selecting Edit Event.

Week View

Month View

The background colour of days in month view changes to show whether there are events on the day. Days with no events are shown with a white background and occupied days have an orange background. Moving the mouse over an occupied day will show a popup with details of events on that day.

Details are enabled by default in month view, but can be disabled by unchecking View->Show Details. In details view, events are overlaid onto each day. If there are more than two events on a day, two icons are shown in the lower right corner of the day. Clicking the Goto button will change the view to show that day, hovering over the More Details button will show the same popup as no details view.

Details on/off

Double clicking a day will open the add event form to add an event on that day.

Year View

Year view shows all events occurring in a specified year. Hovering over an occupied day works the same as month view. Clicking a month name will change ti a view of that month.

Changing the Date

Clicking the Goto button will open a panel to change the date displayed. The panel can be closed by clicking the x.

Changing the date displayed

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