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Cellar Layouts

ChickenPing contains several pre-created layouts in which wine bottles can be stored. The layout of your cellar may be similar or very different to these.

Decorative Wall Layout
Standard Box Layout

Creating Layouts

In the Cellar Manager, click Manage Layouts to create or edit layouts. To add a new layout click the Add button in the toolbar. Cells can be added or removed using the buttons at the bottom of the right hand column (i). Click a cell with the left mouse button to select it, then drag it with the right button to move it. Cells can also be moved by using the layout and rotation controls (ii). When using the layout controls or dragging a cell, it is not possible to drag it outside the bounds of the location box, however, this does not apply when manually entering the location of a cell.

To create a copy of a layout, select it from the dropdown list (iii), then select Create Copy from the toolbar.

Editing Cellar Layouts

Bottle Templates

ChickenPing includes five bottle shapes, but more can be added. To edit bottle shapes, select Bottle Templates from the Cellar Manager toolbar.

Bottle Templates

To create a new template, specify and image and the default width and height for cells which use the template.

Managing Locations

If your wine cellar contains more than a few bottles of wine, it can become difficult to keep track of which bottle are located in which racks. ChickenPing can manage and keep track of where each bottle is stored using the Cellar Manager.

Easily track wine locations with cellar manager

After creating a new location (iv) and selecting a layout (v), right click a cell and choose Edit Contents to place a wine in the cell. If a bottle is placed in more locations than there are bottles in stock (eg: there are 3 bottles in stock, but the wine is located in four cells), a warning will be displayed.

Warning when stock quantity exceeded

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