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ChickenPing Homepage

About ChickenPing

ChickenPing for Windows Phone is a recipe organizer which lets you create, download, rate and share recipes. Also available for Windows.

The desktop version of ChickenPing is not needed to use ChickenPing Mobile, but if using Windows, the database on both the PC and device can be synchronized using ChickenPing desktop.


  1. Initial Setup
  2. Recipes
    1. Adding a Recipe
      1. Basic Details
      2. Categories
      3. Ingredients
      4. Directions
      5. Snapshots
      6. Icons
  3. Shopping List
    1. Adding Items
    2. Removing Items
  4. Nutrition
  5. Converter
  6. Ingredient Substitutes
    1. Adding Items
    2. Removing Items
  7. Support
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