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Click the Cocktails in the toolbar to switch to cocktails and mixed drinks mode.

Switch to cocktails mode first


Cocktails are made up of components. To add a component, click Components in the toolbar.

Managing components

Use the toolbar buttons to add, edit or delete components.

Adding Drinks

Click New while in cocktails mode to add a new cocktail. Basic details can be entered on the General tab. To add components, switch to the Components tab and drag ingredients between the lists, or double-click an available ingredient to add it to the drink.

Adding components to a drink


Cocktails can be categorized in the same way as recipes and wines to make finding them easier. A list of existing categories can be assigned or a new category can be added by typing a name, then clicking the Add button.

Adding a category

Drinks can be filtered by category using the list on the left hand side of the window. To rename a category, click Recipe->Categories to manage all categories, or right click a category in the left hand list and select Rename.

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