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The database mode, encryption type and password can also be specified from the command line. This lets you create a shortcut to a database on a removable or portable drive which can be opened automatically.


Argument Meaning Required Example
db Database path, the first argument is always assumed to be the database path if not otherwise specified. Yes
  • -db=E:\lockcrypt.lce
  • -db="E:\path with spaces\lockcrypt.lce"
dbhost Database Hostname No
  • -dbhost=
  • -dbhost=pegasus
dbport Database Port Number No
  • -dbport=3306
dbuser Database Username No
  • -dbuser=spike
dbpass Database Password No
  • -dbpass=P@55word
dbdatabase Database Name No
  • -dbdatabase=lockcrypt
mode or m Database mode No, but if present must be one of:
  • xml
  • sqlite
  • legacy
  • -m=xml
  • -mode=sqlite
encryption or e Encryption Algorithm No, but if present must be one of:
  • none
  • aes256
  • twofish256
  • -e=aes256
  • -encryption=none
pw Password No
  • -pw=guessme
? Show help No

Arguments are not case sensitive, and can be specified by either a dash (-db=myfile.lce) or a slash (/db=myfile.lce).

If only a path is specified, LockCrypt will try to detect the filetype and try each encryption algorithm, assuming a blank password.

If only one argument is specified, it is assumed to be a path to a path to a database descriptor file.


  • lockcrypt.exe -db="C:\LockCrypt\xml\aes-noencryption.lce"
  • lockcrypt.exe -db="C:\LockCrypt\xml\noencryption.xml" -m=xml
  • lockcrypt.exe -db="C:\LockCrypt\xml\aes-aes-nopassword.lce" -mode=xml -encryption=aes256
  • lockcrypt.exe -db="C:\LockCrypt\sqlite\sqlite-aes-passwordapple3.db3" -mode=sqlite -e=aes256 -pw=apple
  • lockcrypt.exe -db="C:\LockCrypt\sqlite\sqlite-noencryption.db3" -mode=sqlite -e=none

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