Creating and Managing Entries (LaunchMeNot)

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Entries are shown on the LaunchMeNot tab of the main window. Entries in the list which are enabled appear checked, and will be launch on startup (if LaunchMeNot is enabled).

Click New to create a new entry.

Manage entries

Available Fields

Field Purpose
Name A friendly name for reference.
Path The path of the application or file to launch.
Arguments Optional arguments to pass to the application.
Description (Only LaunchMeNot and Start Menu entries) Optional description of the application.
Time to Wait (Only LaunchMeNot entries) The number of seconds to wait after launching the entry before moving to the next item.
Enabled (Only LaunchMeNot entries) If unchecked, the entry will not be launch and will be ignored.

Right clicking an entry shows a context menu for creating copies of the entry, editing or deleting. The launch order of LaunchMeNot managed entries can also be changed from here.

Right click for more options.

Converting Entries

To convert an entry to a different startup type, select the target type from the Convert To submenu. If the item already exists, the next available will be used.

Search Online

To find out more about a process, select a search engine from the Search Online submenu.

LaunchMeNot user guide contents

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