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The icons LockCrypt comes with can be easily replaced by adding more or deleting images from the /Icons directory where the application is installed (usually C:\Program Files\LockCrypt\Icons).

Icons must be in PNG format and multiple sizes can be specified. LockCrypt uses icons at 16, 32, 64 and 96 pixels in various places. For each icon, LockCrypt tries to load icons in the following order (the first icon which exists is used):

  1. iconname_size.png is first used if it exists.
  2. iconname.png is used and resized to the required size.
  3. LockCrypt uses the default icon if neither icon exists (the image has been deleted).

For example: if there are images called apple_64.png and apple_16.png in the Icons directory and a 32 pixel image is required, the 16 pixel image would be scaled up to 32 pixels.

LockCrypt Mobile

LockCrypt Mobile only uses the _16 and _32 pixel icons. Only icons whose size (according to the filename_size.png convention) matches 16 or 32 pixels and icons which don't specify a size are copied.

If LockCrypt Mobile fails to load after copying icons or synchronizing, the cause is likely to be icons which are too large or too many icons. The easiest way to help prevent this is by using only the synchronization utility which is part of LockCrypt.

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