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Files with an .rbt extension are translation databases, used by ResourceBlender to make translating easier. Editing an RBT file does not require you to install ResourceBlender Express or create a database.


Opening an RBT File

  1. Open ResourceBlender and, when prompted by the wizard (if you're running the program for the first time), select Open RBT File, then click next. Once the program has been run once, it will stop asking you to set up a database and you can instead click File->Open Translation Database (*.rbt).
  2. Translate the resources in the file by clicking a resource from the list at the top, then typing a translation into the textbox at the bottom.
  3. After you've finished translating, save the file by clicking File->Save.
Editing an RBT file

The editor may contain a different number of inputs for translations depending on how many languages are included in the file.

Translators Comments

A comment from the translator can be left for each translation if required. This is optional, and is only seen by other translators. For example, it could be used to explain that a translation assumes a particular context.

Automatic Translation

Text can be translated automatically between different languages by clicking the Automatic Translation button next to the input for each language. This feature uses the free Google Translate service and requires that the source language is not blank and both the source and destination languages are supported by Google Translate.

Automatic Translation

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key Action
Alt + Up Previous Resource
Alt + Down Next Resource
Ctrl + R Focus the resource list
Ctrl+ S Save and close
Escape Close without saving
Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 9 Select Translation 1 - 9


RBT files are automatically saved every 20 seconds. This can be disabled by unchecking File->Autosave and the interval can be changed by opening the options dialog from the main window.

Full Editor

Clicking the Open full editor button next to a text field will open a larger window allowing more room when editing text.

Larger Editor

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