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Resources can be exported to an XML spreadsheet, then re-imported later. This lets a translator translate an application with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

In ResourceBlender.NET

To Export, click Resources, then Export Resources to Spreadsheet. Resources for multiple applications can be exported, though each resource will be exported only once, even if it is used in more than one application. To re-import, click Import.

In ResourceBlender Express

Click File->Export->XML Spreadsheet. The dialog allows you to select which applications, bundles and languages will be exported. To re-import later click File->Import->XML Spreadsheet.


  1. Angle brackets in translations must be encoded as &gt; and &lt;. Angle brackets in comments can be written as > and <.
  2. It is important not to change the structure of the spreadsheet by adding/removing rows or columns as this could prevent it from being re-imported.
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