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LockCrypt's Firefox extension can automatically save forms to LockCrypt accounts, then fill forms automatically the next time you visit a page.

The extension can be downloaded from

LockCrypt Firefox Logo


Using the Extension

For the LockCrypt Firefox extension to work, LockCrypt must be running and you must be logged in. Icons will be placed in the toolbar and a status bar which can be used to fill forms and change options. Clicking the main toolbar button will fill forms on the current page (as long as LockCrypt is running).

LockCrypt toolbar icon

Creating Accounts Automatically

When you load a page for the first time, LockCrypt will automatically prompt you to save the username and password when the submit button is clicked if an identical account has not already been saved. If you choose to create a new account from the data on the page, LockCrypt will save this so it can be used the next time you visit that page.

When you visit a page for which you've previously saved an account, if you have autofill enabled, LockCrypt will fill each form on the page with the first available matching account.

If there is more than one account saved for a particular form, the Fill Forms function can be used (Tools->Fill Forms from LockCrypt). This works the same way as autofill if there is only one form saved for the page, otherwise LockCrypt will prompt for the account to use.

Creating accounts automatically is a fairly safe way of guaranteeing a match against a form, as the field names on the form will be matched to the field names saved when the account was created.

Options when Saving

When an account is created, by default all fields which were filled in are saved and the account only applies to the specific page for which it was created. By unchecking Valid for this URL Only, the account will be available for all web sites.

Saving an Account

It is also possible to change which fields are saved. By clicking Options on the save dialog, fields can be toggled on/off or renamed.

Manually Creating Accounts

For more control, accounts can also be created manually. When you use a manually created account to fill forms, LockCrypt will analyze all forms on the current page and attempt to fill applicable fields.

The Username Field and Password Field fields are used to decide whether a form field matches a field stored in an account.

Note: Only form fields whose name attribute exactly matches the saved field will be classified as a match when filling. Field names are case sensitive.

The check whether an account matches, URLs in Website types are matched against the current URL. To have an account match all URLs, leave the URL field blank when creating the account or uncheck the Valid for this URL only checkbox.

Occasionally, LockCrypt may not attach itself to a form and fail to prompt to create an account when submitting. If this happens, the form can be manually saved by clicking either the toolbar icon or status icon, then Save Forms, then selecting the form by name.


Enabled If LockCrypt is enabled, you'll be prompted to save form details when you submit a form, unless one's already been saved. If disabled, LockCrypt will appear transparent and all functionality will be disabled.
Timeout when saving The amount of time to wait for a reply from LockCrypt when saving a form, before assuming it's not running and prompting to submit anyway.
Autofill Autofill will automatically try to fill forms when you load a page if an account exists matching the page URL. If Autofill is disabled, you can still fill forms manually using Tools->Fill Forms from LockCrypt.
Exclude List To have LockCrypt ignore a specific site, click the toolbar icon, then Exclude Current Site or add it to the exclude list in the extension options. If a site is excluded, autofill will ignore it and you will not be prompted to save, but you can still fill forms by clicking the toolbar icon.

Importing/Exporting between LockCrypt and Firefox

The options dialog lets you transfer passwords between Firefox and LockCrypt. If you use LockCrypt with a MySQL database, this lets you keep a central password database.

Filling Forms

If autofill is enabled, the first matching account will be used to fill matching textboxes on the page. Otherwise, click Tools->Fill Forms from LockCrypt to select an account to fill from.

Wildcard URLs

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