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LockCrypt for Windows Mobile runs on Windows Mobile phones and PDAs. The .NET Compact Framework 3.5 is required, but unlike LockCrypt Mobile J2ME, all features provided by the desktop version of LockCrypt are supported. The database can be edited and new accounts can be added, then synchronized with the database on your PC/Mac using the Sync utility.

Lockcrypt-wm logo.png


  1. Introduction
  2. Starting LockCrypt for Windows Mobile for the first time
  3. Managing Accounts
    1. Adding an Account
    2. Editing an Account
    3. Deleting an Account
    4. Account Fields
  4. Managing Account Types
    1. Adding an Account Type
    2. Editing an Account Type
    3. Deleting an Account Type
  5. Managing Groups
    1. Adding a Group
    2. Editing a Group
    3. Deleting a Group
  6. Application Preferences
  7. Synchronizing with LockCrypt Desktop
  8. Installing Translations for your Language

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