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Logging in to iZeit

To log in to iZeit, only the URL where iZeit is installed is required.

The log-in dialog

Once logged in, the status bar in OnTime changes to show you as logged in to iZeit and you have the same permissions as you have when logged in via a browser.

Status bar showing logged in status

If the administrator has disabled guests from viewing the calendar, you will need to provide a username and password.

Note to iZeit administrators: It may be necessary to change your database settings to enable users to log in to iZeit remotely. These can be changed from the Control Panel on the System page.

You need to use the hostname of the database server, using localhost may enable iZeit to work but users will not be able to log in from OnTime. If you do not know the hostname of the database server, your webhost may be able to help.

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