Managing Account Types (LockCrypt for Windows Mobile)

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When adding an account in LockCrypt, it must be assigned an Account Type. There are several types pre-installed, but you can add new ones or edit the templates if needed. To manage account types, select Menu->Manage Types.

Managing Account Types

Adding a Type

Tapping and holding on the list of types will show a context menu, which can also be accessed from the Menu button. Select Menu->New Type. You must specify a name and at least one field. Fields can be separated either by a comma or a new line. If the Show Notes checkbox is checked, an additional field will be shown when adding an account which can hold extra notes for an account.

Editing an Account Type

Editing a Type

Select an account type in the list and select Menu->Edit Type. Editing an existing type will not affect existing accounts of that type.

Deleting a Type

To delete an account type, select Menu->Delete Type.

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