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Viewing an Account

To view an account, click it in the accounts list. Fields which were left blank when adding the account are not shown to save space. If there account contains fields which are obfuscated or marked as phone numbers, icons are shown along the right hand side of the screen. Clicking the Reveal icon displays the value of an obfuscated field in an alert box, while clicking a Call icon starts a phone call to the number shown.

Obfuscated field example

From this form, the account can be edited by selecting Menu->Edit Account.

Adding a New Account

Tapping and holding on the account list and selecting Add Account or choosing Menu->Add Account shows an add account form with the group set to the currently visible group.

Adding an Account

The only compulsory field is the account name. Changing the account type will remove all optional fields and replace them with the fields set up in the selected account type. If the notes field is enabled for the selected type, an extra field will be shown where you can enter notes.

Clicking the button next to each field will show a menu where each field can be edited. It is also possible to add new fields by selecting Menu->Add Field.

Each account can be assigned an icon from the Icon tab.

Account Icons

Editing an Account

Select an account and choose Menu->Edit Account. The form is the same shown as when adding.

Deleting an Account

To delete an account, tap and hold over it in the accounts list and select Delete Account or select it and choose Menu->Delete Account

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