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By default, events are shown in the month view. This lets you quickly see which days are free and which have events occurring on them. Hovering over a day will show you events occurring on that day, and clicking on a day in month view will take you to a more detailed view for that day. The different views available are always available at the top right hand corner of the screen in the navigation bar (1). You can move directly to a date by selecting it from the drop down boxes and clicking 'Go' or by using the arrows to move the next day/week/month (2).

Events can also be viewed as a list by clicking 'Event Manager' in the navigation bar, then choosing either list view or expanded view. In list view, clicking the column headings (Title, Start Time, Venue etc) will sort the table of events either alphabetically or chronologically by that field.

Hovering over a day will show you events happening on that day.
Clicking on a day will take you to a detailed view of that day.
Filters let you toggle which events are shown.

Adding an Event

You may need to be logged in to add an event, depending on whether the administrator has granted everyone permission to add and delete events. After logging in, click 'Add Event' in the navigation bar. This will display a form for you to enter the event details. The only compulsory fields are title, start date and end date. Clicking the calendar icon next to the start or end date boxes will show a date picker (1). If the event lasts all day, leave the checkbox marked 'This event lasts all day' checked, otherwise, if the event has a start time, it can be entered into the boxes in 24 hour format by unchecking the 'This event lasts all day' box. You can choose whether to make an event public or private. The same can be done for categories. If either the event or category are marked as private, the event will only be visible to you and the administrator.

iZeit supports almost all patterns of recurrence imaginable. These can be set by using the recurrance input fields at the bottom of the form. Once you've entered the event details, click 'Save' (2) to save the event.

Manage events by clicking 'Event Manager'.
iZeit supports many recurrence patterns.

Editing and Deleting Events

Events can be edited or deleted by clicking on the event title anywhere in the calendar to show details of the event, then using the action buttons (1). Events can also be edited or deleted by using the list view page. Check the box next to the event to be edited/deleted (3), then use the action buttons at the top of the list (2) to edit or delete it. Multiple events can also be selected this way. If the event being edited is part of a series, 'Delete Event' and 'Delete Series' buttons will also be shown. Saving an event using the 'Save Series' button will overwrite every event in the series with the name, description, category, venue and custom fields entered. Any changes made to single events after the series was created will be lost.

The actions box allows you to edit and delete events.
Actions can also be performed on multiple items.

Editing an Event with AJAX

Ajax allows parts of a page to be reloaded without reloading the whole page. The title and description fields can be edited from the View Event page by clicking them. Changes are saved once you click Ok.

Editing with Ajax.

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