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Managing Events

Adding, editing and deleting events can be done through the context menus or the toolbar buttons.

Adding an Event

To add an event, click the add button in the toolbar or double click a blank area when viewing the calendar.

The event title, category, start date, end date are the only compulsory fields.

Adding an event

Events can be set to recur for a set number of occurrences or the end by a specified date. To set a recursion pattern, click the Recurrence button in the toolbar.


To invite people to an event or send notifications via email, click the Attendees button. The form displayed allows you to specify recipients to whom an invitation will be sent. Recipient names can be separated either by starting a new line or adding a comma. Any blank lines are trimmed before the event is saved.

OnTime does not send invitations directly, but instead starts the default email client with the recpient names, subject and message body filled out for you to double check and send manually.

Editing and Deleting Events

To edit an event, double click it in the day or week view or select the event and click the Edit button in the toolbar. If the event is part of a series, changes can be made for the whole series or just the event being edited.

Drag and Drop

Events can also be re-arranged by dragging them onto different parts of the calendar. This allows you to move events around without opening the edit form. Holding the Shift or Ctrl keys while dragging will create a copy of the event.

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