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Servers can be saved using server manager. This allows you to configure options specific to a server which will be used when connecting to that server. This dialog can be accessed from the File menu.

To connect to a saved server, click the Connect button in the main toolbar, then choose the server to which to connect.

Server Manager.

General Settings

Local / Remote Startup Directory - If a local startup directory is specified, the local view panel will switch to that directory when this server is first connected. Similarly, if a remote directory is specified, QuantumFTP will switch to that directory on connection. To disable this functionality, leave the field blank.

Connection Settings

Anonymous Login – Some servers allow connections without requiring a password. If the server allows this, Anonymous is used for the username and the email address specified in the Preferences section is used as the password.

Connection Mode - Usually passive mode can be used for file transfer, but this occasionally causes problems for users behind a firewall. Switch to active mode to solve this.

Transfer Type – This should be left set to Auto unless you experience problems with file transfers.

Default Action – Determines the default action to take when a file exists.

Use MLSD if available – MLSD is a format for listing directories. This feature is only used if the server supports MLSD and should be left enabled unless directory listings are unreadable.

Resume transfers when available – This should be left enabled unless files are corrupted after resuming.

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