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Managing Tasks

Adding, editing and deleting tasks can be done through the context menus or the toolbar buttons.

Unlike events, which are shown on a calendar view, Tasks are shown by category in the tasks panel. This can be accessed by clicking the Tasks button on the far right of the toolbar.


Tasks are shown arranged by category, and can be sorted alphabetically or by the time remaining until their due date. Tasks change colour as the due date approaches - green means there are more than two weeks remaining until the due date is reached, red means the task is due within three days or overdue.

Adding a task

To add a task, click the add button in the toolbar or right click in a blank area when viewing a category and select Add Task.

The task title and category are the only compulsory fields.

Adding a task

If a task is marked as ongoing, it will be shown in black text and will not change colour.

Editing and Deleting Tasks

To edit a task, double click it in the task panel or select the task and click the Edit button in the toolbar.

Drag and Drop

Tasks can be dragged between categories. Holding the Shift or Ctrl keys while dragging creates a copy of the task.

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