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If the task list is enabled, it is displayed above the calendar. Items are coloured to show their due date, and change colour from green to red as their due date approaches.

Adding a Task

Click Add Event/Task in the toolbar to add a task. If the 'Due Date' field is left empty, the task will be marked as ongoing.

Adding a Task.

Editing and Deleting Tasks

When viewing a task, click it's title to show more information about it. Clicking the pen icon will show a form to edit the task. Tasks can also be edited from the 'Event Manager' page. The green tick icon marks a task as complete, and the red cross deletes it.

Controls for managing tasks.

Editing a Task with AJAX

Ajax allows parts of a page to be reloaded without reloading the whole page. The title and description fields can be edited from the View Task page by clicking them. Changes are saved once you click Ok.

Editing with Ajax.

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