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ChickenPing's meal planner lets you plan meals in advance by dragging and dropping. Click Tools->Meal Planner. to get started.


Planning Meals

Drag meals from the recipe list to a meal time to copy it. The number of planned servings can be changed by right clicking, then choosing Change Number of Servings.

Drag recipes to a slot in the calendar
Context menu shows more options
Right click a day to copy meals to another day or print a shopping list
Hover over a highlighter date for recipes on that day
Right click on a planned meal for more options. Right clicking a day in the calendar shows options for printing a shopping list or copying all meals from one day to another. Hovering over a highlighted date shows meals planned for that day.

Recipe Search

Searching for recipes in the meal planner works exactly the same way as in the main application window.

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Available Views

Click the buttons in the toolbar to switch between available views.

List View
Day View
List View Day View

Printing Meal Lists

Click Print to show a print preview. If Include Recipes is checked, the recipe for each meal is printed underneath the meal name.

Meal list printing with recipes
Printing a list of meals
Meal list printing with recipes Printing without recipes just includes the name and description.

Printing Shopping Lists

Select a start date, then, while holding the Shift key, click an end date. Right click on any date in the range you selected and choose Print Shopping List. Identical ingredients from all recipes in the range are combined into a shopping list to prevent duplicates.

Printing a shopping list

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