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Looking up nutritional data with ChickenPing is easy. Nutrition search can use either:

  • A local copy of the database (15Mb download, searches are instant).
  • A web service (no download required but slow searches).

Downloading a local copy of the database is the quickest way to use nutrition search, and you will be prompted to do so automatically the first time you try to lookup nutrition.

Single Ingredients

  1. Click Nutrition on the toolbar or right click an ingredient and choose Nutrition to search for nutritional information.
    Searching for nutrition data
  2. Enter the name of the food, then click Find Foods to search for matching foods.
    List of matching foods
  3. Select the exact food or the closest match, then click Find Measurements to find available measurements.
    Measurements for a food
  4. Choose a unit which matches the quantity required, then enter the quantity before clicking View Nutrition to show a nutritional breakdown. For example: for 2 tablespoons, select 1 tbsp from the list then enter 2 as the quantity.

Clicking Convert Measurement will open the measurement converter and try to pre-fill the quantity and ingredient.

Nutritional breakdown

Nutrition for a Whole Recipe

  1. Right click a recipe then select Nutrition.
  2. ChickenPing will try to find matches for the food, but if it does not find any, clicking an ingredient will show a search box and a list from which you can choose an ingredient.
Ingredient name
  1. Select the unit and quantity used.
Quantity and measurement
  1. After the ingredient is saved, a nutritional analysis is shown when it is reselected in the Selected Ingredient tab.
  1. The Whole Recipe tab shows total nutrient values for all selected ingredients where all fields have been completed (indicated by a green background). Ingredients can be excluded by unchecking them.

The number of calories can also be manually specified, as some ingredients may not be found in the database. This only affects calculation for the whole recipe and if an ingredient is selected and calories are specified, the specified calories will be used instead of the number from the database. Nutrients are unaffected.

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