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To change program setting, click the Options button in the toolbar.

Options dialog

General Settings

Language: The language of the user interface. If you can speak more than one language, please see our translations page to see whether you could help out. Startup Mode: This setting controls whether the calendar or tasks panel is shown on startup.

Event popup

First day of the week: There may be times when you'd prefer the week to start on a day other than Monday. Whichever day is used here will be the first row shown in month and year view. Show popups when hovering over days in month view: If popups are enabled, a window is shown when the mouse moves over an occupied day in month view with more details of the events on that day. Default categories: When adding a new event or task, these categories will be selected by default. The category an event belongs to can always be changed, but these categories are used by default.

Database Preferences

OnTime can be configured to use either an SQLite or MySQL database. SQLite works well if you only need to access a schedule from one computer, but if you need access from more than one location, MySQL is a better choice. For even more flexibility, iZeit Integration may provides centralised access across the internet.

If using an SQLite database, only the file location needs to be specified. MySQL users will need to know the database host, username, password and database name.

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