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Before publishing photos to Flickr, you must first grant ChickenPing access to your account. Your username and password are not requested by or available to ChickenPing. Instead, a token is generated by Flickr which you can use to give access to your account.

Authorizing ChickenPing

  1. Click Tools->Options to open the options window.
  2. Click Request Authentication to open your browser to a Flickr page where you can login.
  3. Grant ChickenPing access to publish photos using your account by accepting the prompt from Flickr.
  4. Return to ChickenPing, then click Complete Authentication to finish.
Requesting access to Flickr

Alternatively, if you've installed ChickenPing before, you can also specify the token manually then click Save.

Uploading Snapshots

Right click a snapshot in the Snapshots tab when editing or viewing a recipe, then click Publish to Flickr. This will open a window to enter extra information.

Extra data for Flickr

Enter as much or as little or as much detail as you want, then click Save to upload the photo.

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