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Note: This page is largely irrelevant for translators, who should instead see Editing RBT Files.

  1. First follow the instructions for Installing ResourceBlender.
  2. An application must be added before translation can start. This can be done at the very start of development, and only one language and one resource bundle needs to be added. There doesn't need to be any actual translation work done until the application is ready for release.
    1. If importing from an application which has already been translated (resource files exist already), use the Import Wizard to move the existing bundles into ResourceBlender Express.
    2. If this is a new application, click Resources from the main menu to get started. More information about bundles, elements and translations can be found in the Understanding Bundles and Elements section.
  3. Once there are elements in ResourceBlender representing the element names in the application and resources to match these elements, formatted resource files can be generated by clicking Generate.
  4. As new elements are added to the application, instead of hard-coding text in a specific language they should also be added in ResourceBlender Express so translations can be added.

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