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An overview of each application displaying the bundles and languages it contains is displayed in the main window, and a completion summary is included by default when generating resources.

A graph showing the number of elements in each bundle and the completion percentage of all resources used by an application can be generated by either clicking Resources -> Resource Summary or right clicking an application in the main window summary, then choosing Resource Summary.

Resource Summary for a Firefox Extension

Hovering over a language shows the number of element translations available in that language.

Exporting Summaries

Summaries can be exported to CSV or HTML. When exporting to HTML, extra columns can be specified in the Extra Columns section. Each language in the application generates a row in the table which is created. For each extra column, the following variables are available:

Variable Replaced with
 %Code% The culture name in the format "<languagecode2>-<country/regioncode2>".
 %EnglishName% The language's english name.
 %NumTranslations% The number of complete translations in the language.

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