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ChickenPing offers a free service for users to upload and share recipes, as well as download them.

Hosting for ChickenPing and the download service costs me £350 per year. If you like it, please donate.


Sharing a Recipe

Right click a recipe in the list then click Share Recipe or select it then click Share in the toolbar to permanently upload it to the ChickenPing download service.

Sharing a Recipe

Downloading Recipes

Click Recipe->Search for Recipes->ChickenPing Online Database to find recipes other users have uploaded.

Downloading Recipes

30 recipes from the online database are shown at random, this can be refreshed by clicking the dice icon in the toolbar.

The categories in the search panel filter the selection of recipes which were returned from the server and do not reflect all categories in the database.

Note: Only 30 recipes are ever shown.

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