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The shopping list can be opened by clicking the Shopping Lists icon in the toolbar. The top half of the window is used to select a shopping list, then bottom is used to edit the selected list.


Creating Lists

Click Add in the toolbar to add a new list.

Adding Items

The top row of the shopping list can always be used to add new items. The only required column is the item name. After entering the name and quantity of the item, press Enter or click another row to add it to the list.

Clicking the Add Ingredient button will select the Ingredient column in the first row to add a new ingredient.

The first row can be used to add items

You can also add all ingredients in a recipe to the shopping list by right clicking a recipe in the grid and choosing Add To Shopping List, then selecting a list, or by right clicking an ingredient.

Right click a recipe to add it to a shopping list
Right click an ingredient to add it to a shopping list

Removing Items

Right click an item then select Delete or click the trash can icon in the toolbar to delete it from the shopping list.

Right click an item to delete it

To remove all items from the shopping list, click the eraser in the toolbar.

Shortcut Keys

When adding or editing, the following shortcut keys are available:

Shortcut Key Action
F1 Open ChickenPing help
Ctrl + N Add new ingredient
Ctrl + P Print the shopping list

Printing the Shopping List

Click Print or Print Preview to see what the final output will look like. The width of the paper can be changed using the slider at the bottom of the window.

Print preview the shopping list

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