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The shopping lists makes it easier to manage groceries.

Tap the Shopping Lists tab to show the list of shopping lists.

Adding/Removing Lists

Tap the Add icon in the toolbar to create a new list. To delete a list, swipe over an item or tap the Lock icon in the toolbar. To rename it, first select, the tap the blue button next to the name of the list.

List of shopping lists
Editing a list name
Tap the shopping lists tab to see your grocery lists Tap Add to add a new list

Adding Items/Removing Items From a List

Items on each list can be marked as "in your basket/cart" by tapping them. Swipe over an item to delete, or to add, tap the Lock to enter edit mode, then select Add Item.

Toggling items
Adding an item to the shopping list
Tap each item to toggle it as "In your basket/cart" Add an item by tapping the lock.

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