Synchronizing with a Mobile Phone/PDA

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Windows Mobile

LockCrypt can synchronize with a Windows Mobile phone or PDA if LockCrypt Mobile is installed.

LockCrypt Mobile
Editing an account

Click Synchronize from the main menu to start synchronization. LockCrypt will try to read the location of the database from your PDA.

Synchronizing Databases

After synchronization, both databases will contain all accounts. Eg: If A and B exist on the PC and C and D exist on your PDA, after synchronizing, A,B,C and D will exist on both.


A J2ME version of LockCrypt is available for all mobile phones and PDAs which support Java. LockCrypt Mobile J2ME can be downloaded from

The LockCrypt database must be exported from the desktop version of LockCrypt before you can use LockCrypt Mobile J2ME. This can be done by selecting File->Export To->LockCrypt Database. The file must be saved to a root directory on your device.

J2me mobile about.png
J2me mobile account.png
J2me mobile list.png

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