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Templates are a way of specifying fields which are typically used for a type of account. For example: An ID Card might have an ID Number, Organisation Name and Issue Date. A template could be be created to make adding ID Cards quicker.

Templates List

Adding Templates

Click Edit->Templates to manage templates, then click the Add icon.

Field Options

Enter the name of the template, which must be unique. Then for each required attribute (username, password etc), add a field by clicking Add Field. Each field will contain a text value for accounts created from the template. If Show Notes is checked, an additional field will appear when adding an account of this type to add extra information.

Clicking the Options icon to the right hand side of the field name shows a menu to move it up or down, or set indicators for password or URL fields.

Editing/Deleting Templates

Right click a template the choose Delete or click Delete in the toolbar to delete an existing template. Editing or deleting a template will not affect accounts which use it.

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